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Power Solutions

Surin Power Technologies

Surin Power Technologies is engaged in the manufacturing of SURIN brand products to meet the requirements of various segments. We are also authorized distributor for ISUZU Technology AVTEC 2DE 2 engines, dealer Greaves cotton & Mahindra, Kohler Engines for engine application business, Power Pack Units for Bus Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Application, Under Slung Power Generators for Sea Going Containers, Diesel Engine Pumping set for Dewatering & Fire Fighting Application, Power Generators for Domestic, Industry & Telecom Sector, Lighting Towers for Construction, Road & Mining, Diesel Air Compressors for Drilling, Road, Mining & Tube Wells.

Our Products:

  • Gas & Diesel Genset for Domestic, Industry & Telecom Sector.
  • Power Pack Units for Bus Air-conditioning Application.
  • Under Slung Power Generators for Sea Going Containers.
  • Mobile Lighting Towers for Construction, Road & Mining.
  • Diesel Air Compressors for Drilling, Road, Mining & Tube Wells.
  • Diesel Engine Pumps for Dewatering & Fire Fighting Application.


1. Fully equipped tool room with CNC Turning & Milling center.
2. CNC Shearing & Bending up to 10mm thick sheet.
3. Industrial Plating, Painting & Powder Coating facility with Sand Blasting & Phosphate Tank treatment.
4. Fabrication with Arc, CO2Mig & Argon Welding Facility for MS & SS.
5. Load Bank testing bench up to 40kVA.
6. Skilled Manpower & Engineers for R&D, Sales & Service Support.

Our Costumers:

1. Sidwal Refrigeration Industries Limited.
2. JCBL India Limited (Haiger India).
3. Trans ACNR Solutions. (Jingy).
4. Spheros Motherson.
5. Thermoking India.
6. Subros Air conditioning Limited
7. Transcool King
8. Asian Auto Aircon



We have the advantage of the experience with one of the most demanding sectors such as telecom and also Govt. organizations. We are willing to adapt to the needs of the Retail market and our team is determined to bring the best in our products out to the Retail Market.
We look forward to make "SPT" a popular brand with the individual owners as well as institutional buyers alike within a short span of time.


Lighting tower:

All lighting towers manufactured by us are made with telescopic sections installed vertically. This makes the finished product very compact, it takes up 40% less space compared to traditional towers with a pole positioned horizontally. This means maximizing the journeys made by our customers' vehicles that every day carry lighting towers and reduces pollution generated by exhaust gases.

The engines fitted on our lighting towers, made by the world's top manufacturers, are in line with the latest emission standards. Tower Light is able to equip all its lighting towers with a built-in generator featuring a special twilight kit.

This kit allows to automatically switch the tower on and off and this ensures the tower is used only when strictly necessary to prevent unnecessary waste of fuel. The recent introduction of the LED lamps allowed Tower Light to take a further step towards the creation of zero-emission solutions that can use renewable energies such as light and wind This is our mission for the near future, but is already part of our current projects.



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